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              Wheeler & Watson, PC has represented thousands of clients over the past 20 years and has developed vast experience in all types of personal injury matters in Georgia. From rear-end fender benders to catastrophic t-bone intersection collisions, our firm has successfully represented individuals injured in all types of motor vehicle wrecks. We have represented pedestrians hit by automobiles as well as bicyclists and motorcyclists injured because of negligent drivers. We also have a successful track record representing individuals who have been injured or killed due to negligent trucking companies and their drivers.

              Our firm also has recovered millions of dollars for our clients who have been injured as a result of a slip & fall or trip & fall due to a negligent land owner or business owner. There are many nuances involving slip and fall law in Georgia. Through the years, our firm has developed an expertise in identifying and pursuing legitimate slip & fall and trip & fall claims under Georgia law.

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Meet our Team

D. Kevin Wheeler
Attorney Background: State Bar of Georgia, 1985 to present
J.D., UGA School of Law,
B.A., History & English, Mercer University

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James A Watson
Attorney Background: State Bar of Georgia, 1992 to present
J.D., University of Memphis School of Law
B.A., History, University of South Carolina

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Hannah Lee
Paralegal Background: B.A., Spanish, Georgia State University
M.S., Criminal Justice, Boston University
Languages: Korean and Spanish

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Melissa Nichols
Paralegal Background: J.D., NKU School Of Law
B.A., Journalism University Of Kentucky
Licensed attorney in Kentucky

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Georgia Personal Injury Law

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have a case?Open or Close

    There are many factors to consider and a free initial consultation is the best way to determine the merit of your case. These are the most basic requirements of valid personal injury claims:
    • Your injury is a direct result of the incident.
    • Someone else’s negligence caused the incident.
    • You have incurred monetary damages for medical treatment and/or lost wages as a result of your injury.

  • Why do I need an attorney?Open or Close

    There are many reasons why you need an attorney. Most importantly, we will ensure you receive a fair settlement for your injuries and a fair resolution of your claim. This is what we do day in and day out. Most people really don’t know what a fair settlement is for their case or what a jury might award under similar circumstances. Don’t assume the insurance company will offer you a fair settlement. Remember, an insurance adjuster works for the insurance company- not you- and his or her job is not to look out for your best interests.

  • How long will it take to settle my case?Open or Close

    There are many different factors that affect how long it takes to resolve a claim. The biggest factors are your length of treatment and type of injuries. Generally, if your injuries are complex, you may require a lengthy period of medical treatment. Once we have enough information concerning your injuries and your future medical needs, we will aggressively pursue resolution of your case.

  • How can I afford an attorney?Open or Close

    Our initial consultation is free for personal injury cases. If we cannot accept your case or you decide not to hire us, you will not be charged. We represent most of our clients on a contingency fee basis, which means if there is no recovery, there is no attorney’s fee.

  • Shouldn't the at-fault insurance company pay my medical bills in an automobile accident that isn’t my fault?Open or Close

    Yes, but they typically will not pay medical bills as they are incurred and so you may have difficulty obtaining adequate medical treatment. We can help you coordinate payments through your insurance and other means so that you receive necessary medical care for your injuries. You are ultimately responsible for paying any unpaid medical bills from the settlement or judgment and we will assist you in resolving any outstanding claims that medical providers may have against you.

  • I was offered a settlement shortly after my accident. What should I do?Open or Close

    Some insurance companies attempt to settle an injury case immediately after the incident. Usually it is far too soon to understand the extent of your injuries and the true value of your case. Do not agree to a settlement and never sign a release without consulting an attorney. Once you accept the insurance company’s offer of settlement and sign a release, you are permanently barred from ever bringing your claim again regardless of whether your injuries have resolved. Our initial consultation is free for personal injury cases.